4 Newborn Care Essentials New Mothers Need To Know

Taking care of a newborn baby may seem overwhelming and nerve-wracking, especially for new moms. Despite the information available for them to peruse, it is still a bit hard to grasp when you are faced with the actual situation.


If you are a first-time mom nearing your due date, knowing these newborn care tips from a top home nursing in Dubai would help you take good care of your little one once he/she arrives:


  1. Always seek help


Some new mothers are shy or embarrassed to ask for help because of the pressure of the pressure most society dictates – that mothers alone should take good care of their baby and the household. But forget this traditional belief. If you feel that you need to get assistance from the best nanny in Dubai, then so be it. Asking for help will not make you less of a mother. In fact, it can be beneficial for you and the baby. You can recover faster and ensure that your little one is properly taken care of while you are healing.


  1. Ask your partner for assistance


It is always best to get your partner involve, especially the first three months after childbirth. This stage is critical and new moms need all the help they can get. Ask your partner if he can set aside some time to help take care of your little one. He can do some household chores while you are taking care of your baby or both of you do shifting to look after your little one. Your partner would be very much pleased to get involve, but be sure to give him some instructions.


  1. Mimic the womb


Fussy and colic babies can be frustrating, especially if you are suffering from lack of sleep and post-partum depression. To soothe a crying baby, the best advice is to mimic the womb. The way to do this is through swaddling and shushing the baby to sleep. You can also hold them to their sides to trigger their calming reflexes.


  1. Warm compress is your best friend


If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is always good to have a warm or hot compress by your side. A warm compress can help improve the flow of milk and also help relieved the block ducts. You can get a warm cloth or a bottle warmed in the microwave. But it would be best to get a warm compress or a heating pad.